Replace your Dishes with Those you Need

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When the cabinets begin to become cluttered with various and sundry baking and cooking items and you no longer have much organization left, it is time to do some cleaning up and clearing out. What you need is an organized kitchen which has only the items in it you absolutely need to create your culinary delights on a daily basis. Take a small portion of your home improvement budget and do an overhaul on all the dishes you need. Get rid of the stained, old, useless ones, and make a move to a clean, new organized kitchen.

Get started with plates and bowls. Most people have entirely too many plates and bowls. Though this seems like a strategic approach, it just ends up in a dish traffic jam at the sink and the dishwasher. Keep a reasonable number of matching plates and matching bowls for one night of a meal with enough to entertain guests. Have no more than that and do a yard sale with the old dishes. This will go far to organize your kitchen cabinets and to keep the kitchen cleaner in the long run. You can easily find matching glasses and keep them in the same number so you stay coordinated.

Next, you want to move on to cookware and utensils. Get a good matching set of for forks, knives, spoons, and steak knives. Be sure to get the right cookware for baking, frying, sauteing and for all other kitchen uses. This way, you will have a fully stocked kitchen without extraneous wares laying about to create clutter. The name of the game is organization and preparation. If you have everything you need to create the best meals and only that, it will be easy to keep it all neat and organized, ready to use at any time.